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About Blue Solution

Meet us!

Blue Solution Sp. z o.o. is distributing the AdBlue® fluid as well as aqueous solutions of urea and ammonia. We have a set of storehouses in all over Poland. In Nitrogen Plants in Puławy, in our central storehouse, we are packing the AdBlue® fluid in smaller containers: pallet containers, barrels and canisters.

Quality Policy!

Our quality policy complies with PN-EN ISO 9001.

Blue Solution Sp. z o.o. aims at taking the leading position as provider of AdBlue® in Poland and in foreign markets. Being fully aware that future development of our company depends on the satisfaction of our Customers, we are implementing a Quality Management System compliant with PN-EN ISO 9001:2009. We are positive that this will help us meet the increasing demands and new challenges set before us by our Customers, thus keeping one of the leading positions in AdBlue® sales ranking
We intend to execute our Quality Policy e.g. by following the below strategic targets:

  • strengthening the company’s position in the market,
  • gaining new outlet markets in Poland and abroad,
  • constantly increasing the qualifications of our employees,
  • expanding the range of products in our offer in terms of similar application in environmental protection and emission reduction,
  • expanding the range of services we provide in terms of new warehouse bases in Poland and abroad,
  • development of our own vehicle fleet,
  • maintaining and constantly improving our Quality Management System compliant with ISO 9001.
  • improving Customer Support.

All our employees and cooperators take part in execution of our Quality Policy.

We guarantee the highest quality of AdBlue®

Our offer is aimed at all AdBlue® users, regardless of the number of SCR system vehicles they possess. We also invite all local distribution companies to contact us in order to discuss cooperation. We guarantee the highest quality, confirmed by ISO 22224-1/-2/-3/-4. We deliver any amounts of AdBlue® fluid to the entire country within 48 hours from issuing the order. We suggest installing the vat and dosing system.

SCR – (Selective Catalytic Reduction) is the decomposition of hazardous substances in diesel engine fumes from the exhaust system, and their transformation into water and nitrogen.

We corporate with:

  • gas stations
  • transport companies
  • personal transport companies
  • public transport companies
  • automotive wholesale stores
  • fuel and oil wholesale stores

Our offer for urea and ammonia solutions

It is aimed at all companies using SNCR technology for nitrogen oxide reduction

We corporate with:

  • cement plants
  • power plants
  • heat and power stations
  • sewage treatment plants
  • waste incinerators

SNCR – (Selective Non-Catalytic Reduction) pis based on adding substances containing ammonia or urea to exhaust fumes. The reagent selectively reduces NO to molecular N2.