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This innovative system is based on selective catalytic reduction. It includes NOXy® (also known as AdBlue®), which reduces the emissions of harmful substances in order to meet the EU standards in this field. The SCR system is all about the reduction of nitrogen oxides into nitrogen and water vapor in diesel exhaust after-treatment systems.

Vehicles using SCR technology are provided with an additional tank, from which NOXy® is injected gas catalyst under high pressure. This technology has been disseminated in diesel engines of heavy goods vehicles and buses. In the past few years the SCR system has also been used in vessels locomotives or agricultural and construction equipment.

The SCR technology is also applied in case of diesel engines for passenger cars. Estimated NOXy® consumption is 0.9l/1.000 km, which means that a full tank of NoXy® would be enough for at least 20.000 km drive. This means that NOXy® would be refilled during your periodical inspections.


SNCR (Selective Non-Catalytic Reduction) is based on adding substances containing ammonia or urea to the exhaust gases. The reagent selectively reduces NO to the molecular  N2. This reaction requires high temperatures and is used on an industrial scale.

This particular method (SNCR) enables us to lower the emission of nitrogen oxides from exhaust fumes by 40-70% .

Benefits of SNCR:

  • redundancy of catalytic converters and relevant reactors;
  • redundancy of exhaust gases heating, because the reduction process is carried out in high temperatures;
  • reduction of nitrogen oxide emissions at the source;
  • this technology is a cheaper in introducing it on an industrial scale.